nanopay at AFP 2020

Unlock trapped capital

nanopay’s Liquid is powered by a self-service,
Virtual Account Management (VAM) platform,
which enables treasurers to create their
ideal account hierarchy. Release trapped
capital through real-time intercompany
transactions with visibility across all entities.

Meet the speaker

Ivy Luu - AFP 2020

Tuesday, October 27th at 3:00 PM
Virtual Session Room 2

Get Real (Time): Liquidity
in the 21st Century with Ivy Luu

Real-time liquidity is one of the greatest opportunities
for treasurers to release trapped capital. Tune in to
understand how corporates can reap the rewards of
instant payments; how new technologies will
affect current processes, and what banks need to do
in order to ensure their clients’ success.

Meet nanopay

Artboard 2

Laurence Cooke

Founder &
Chief Executive Officer

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Artboard 3

Kevin Hillgren

Managing Director,
Treasury & FI Solutions

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Ivy 2

Ivy Luu

Director, Liquidity
Management Solutions

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Liquidity that's truly liquid

Liquid’s application for your bank is versatile. Large banks can position themselves as
a global leader in liquidity management, and regional banks can become global competitors.

Direct to bank for
internal treasury

Manage internal payments
across all business units
and global entities in real time.

White-labelled for your
bank’s corporate clients

Retain corporate clients,
generate new revenue and
drastically reduce speed to market.

rail for banks

Eliminate correspondent
banking with instant
cross-border transactions.

About us

nanopay is a global payments technology company offering payment and
liquidity management products for businesses and banks.

Our technology differentiates us.
Our platform is built on a next-generation
Centralized Ledger Technology (CLT) that
improves throughput, simplifies governance,
and reduces cost.

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Our mission inspires us. Our long-term goal is to lead the world’s transition to digital cash.

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