Enable payments on your application

Connect is the simplest way to add account-to-account payments to your platform or service. Go to market faster, with customer onboarding, anti-money laundering (AML) checks, and fraud monitoring right out of the box.

Connect your business

Built for marketplaces and invoicing platforms, Connect offers a secure way for your business to plug into the North American payment system and send payments internationally. We offer both robust APIs and white-label solutions.


Know your customer, with KYC and KYB checks through a simple one-time onboarding flow and automatic bank account verification.


Send or request payments online. It’s never been easier to pay vendors and suppliers, or collect payments from customers.


Oversee operations and support your customers with an interactive dashboard, transaction monitoring, and custom reporting.

Status: unknown

In the modern world, payment tracking has lagged behind tremendously. Today it’s easier to get the status of a $16 pizza than a $16m invoice; we’re changing that. Real-time status updates provide peace of mind and ease of reconciliation.

Invoice #VendorDate DueAmountStatus
ATD-00735168ABC Inc.2019/06/08$32,543.89Paid
INV-00213451Acme Corp.2019/05/16$57,674.12Disputed
M4-168009135LPG Capital2019/04/25$22,858.33Paid
M2-168009116LPG Capital2019/04/25$18,592.75Paid

Low-cost payments

Credit cards typically charge a fee as a percentage of the transaction. In the end, the higher the transaction volume, the higher the cost to you and your customers.

Connect is an affordable alternative that keeps costs low by moving money directly between bank accounts. We also offer competitive foreign exchange rates for cross-border payments. It’s time to scale your business, not your fees.

Transfer amount
Fee amount
Wire Transfer
Credit Card
*For illustration purposes only


It’s time to better your business.

Simplify onboarding

Embed customer onboarding directly into your application. It’s white-label, so you maintain a consistent brand experience.

Streamline support

Access our full suite of back-office functionality with multi-user management, to track, monitor and provide first level support.

Integrate easily

Reduce the time and cost of implementation with customizable APIs, multiple file formats and an individualized integration approach.

Stay compliant

Rest assured that you meet all regulatory requirements. We handle the ever-changing world of payment law, so you don’t have to.

Pay globally

Send payments originating from North America to over 150 destination countries, reducing the cost of cross-border transactions.

Trust bank-grade security

Rest easy knowing that Connect meets the same compliance, fraud detection and regulatory requirements as banks.

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