Digital Cash

Digital Payment Solutions

Rewriting the evolution of currency.

Fiat-based digital cash to power P2P, online, and retail payments. At nanopay, we see a future where digital cash replaces banknotes and coins. With widespread adoption of digital cash, we can both increase the velocity of money and broaden inclusion in the financial system without compromising that system’s integrity.

Adoption of digital cash will mark the beginning of the obsolescence of “traditional” cash, in part because digital cash provides consumers and retailers with real-time payment certainty, irrevocability and a host of other enhancements that make it a superior choice to banknotes and coins.

The nanopay platform enable banks and centrals banks to issue, store and transfer fiat money as digital cash that enables payments with:

1. Instantaneous settlement
2. Non-repudiation and irrevocably
3. Bank-grade security

4. Reduced costs
5. Traceability
6. Privacy

White-label Digital Cash Solutions

The nanopay platform powers white-label digital cash solutions for central banks, financial institutions and merchants.

Evolution of Currency

  • Digital replacement for fiat money
  • Issue, store and instantly transfer digital cash
  • Enable full regulatory oversight and transparency

P2P Payments

  • Send P2P payments to friends and family
  • Send money request and split bills
  • Seamlessly move money to and from bank accounts

Retail & Online Payments

  • Mobile apps to enable in-store and online payment
  • Support for Ingenico payment terminals
  • Online portal to manage digital cash payments


  • Issue and redeem closed & open-loop loyalty currency
  • Power retails cash back programs
  • Create merchant-funded offers

Find out how nanopay is the evolution of currency.

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