A Platform for Payment Innovation

The nanopay platform is elegant in its simplicity. Users exchange money with cryptographically secured payment messages that move value from one user to another safely and securely.

Our patented technology uses a centralized model, which means there is one official book of record. Centralization enables faster and cheaper payments, while state-of-the-art cryptography ensures the highest level of security.

How it Works

  1. The sender and receiver accounts are identified by records in a secure database (like a pair of virtual safety deposit boxes).
  2. The sender initiates a payment message to the receiver. The message contains the payment instructions and the value.
  3. The receiver accepts the payment message.
  4. Once the message is accepted, the transfer is instant. The sender is debited and the receiver is credited simultaneously.
nanopay – How it Works

Key Features

Instant Settlement

  • Transfer value embedded within message
  • Real-time transfer and settlement
  • Transactions are final


  • Digital cash issued in multiple currencies
  • Dynamically exchange money from one currency to another
  • Reduce liquidity costs of cross-border payments

Secure & Open APIs

  • Secure API access with authentication
  • REST APIs with responses in JSON or XML formats
  • Sandbox and Live production environments

Highly Secure

  • Cryptographically secure messages
  • Flexibility to dynamically update cryptography

Easy Integration

The nanopay platform encourages innovation through open REST APIs. This enables banks, payment service providers and businesses to easily integrate our technology. Our solution offers the flexibility to be deployed in the Cloud or on premise.

Our Heritage

The platform was originally developed for the Royal Canadian Mint by Dr. David Everett, one of the world’s foremost leaders in digital currency. This truly modern payment system leverages all the advantages of cash to create a fiat-backed digital currency.

Download the white paper to learn more.

Integrate nanopay into your payment solutions today.

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