Unleashing a Future of Frictionless Payments

Payments are increasingly moving digital—and the need for a frictionless platform that securely stores and moves money in an instant without intermediaries is essential to reducing the cost and risk of payments. Meet nanoPay—the new way the world will transact. Designed by Dr. David Everett, one of the world’s foremost leaders in digital currency, the platform is a fully-distributed asset transfer system with a new transfer protocol to enable secure, instantaneous payments across a number of use cases.


  • Enable instantaneous, multi- currency transfer of funds across borders and continents
  • Satisfy diverse global risk and compliance requirements


  • Exchange goods and services with international trading partners with complete transparency and transaction context
  • Improve cash flow without exchanging sensitive banking information


  • Designed to enable person-to- person (P2P) payments online and in-store
  • Securely store and instantly transfer value with a collateralized, bearer-asset system


  • Integrate digital cash into banks’ back-end systems to reduce clearing and settlement costs
  • Free trapped capital caused by typical T+3 timeframes

A Platform for Payment Innovation

At the heart of the nanoPay platform is a system of distributed digital secure asset stores and a messaging protocol that enables the trusted exchange of value between two or more stores. In contrast to distributed ledger technology (DLT), nanoPay’s platform uses a patented messaging protocol  that uniquely combines the asset value to be transferred with detailed payment instructions, which ensures instantaneous settlement. The nanoPay platform is exposed by REST APIs to enable banks, financial services providers and developers to use as a new platform for payment innovation.

Why nanoPay?

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Instantaneous Settlement

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Bank-grade Security

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Upgradeable Cryptography

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Designed for Compliance

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