A Platform for Payment Innovation

The nanopay platform is a direct asset transfer system that securely stores and transfers value between users instantly, without an intermediary. This truly modern payment system leverages all the advantages of cash as a bearer asset to create a fiat-backed digital currency.

Originally developed by Dr. David Everett, one of the world's foremost leaders in digital currency, the platform is a fully-distributed asset transfer system with a new transfer protocol to enable secure, instantaneous payments across a number of use cases.

Users exchange money with cryptographically secured payment messages that move value from one user to another safely and securely. All transactions are final and ensure non-repudiation.

How it Works

The nanopay platform is a distributed system of secure asset stores (equivalent to safe deposit boxes) and a messaging protocol to enable the trusted transfer of assets over unsecured channels. Value transfer messages contain payment instructions and the transaction value, which is the key to uniquely enabling instantaneous clearing and settlement.

nanopay – How it Works

Patented Technology

The Value Transfer Message (VTM) is elegant in its simplicity. When sending value from one Secure Asset Store to another, a VTM is generated and digitally signed in bank-grade hardware security modules (HSMs) that ensure the highest level of security. Because the messages are cryptographically signed and can only be accepted by the specified receiver, the platform can send payments over unsecure channels further reducing the underlying cost and risk of the ecosystem.

Easy Integration

Developers can build payment solutions that integrate the nanopay payment engine using nanopay open APIs. This enables banks, payment service providers and businesses to modernize payments and securely store and transfer digital value between parties instantly without intermediaries. The platform features state-of-the-art cryptography with bank-grade HSM security that can be deployed in the Cloud or on premise.

Key Features

Instantaneous Settlement

  • Messaging format with value embedded
  • Instantaneous value transfer and settlement
  • Reduced risk as payment transactions are final


  • Issue digital cash in multiple currencies
  • Dynamically exchange value from one currency to another
  • Reduce liquidity costs of cross-border payments

Secure & Open APIs

  • Secure API access with authentication and authorization
  • REST APIs with responses in JSON format
  • Sandbox and Live production environments

Highly Secure

  • Bank-grade HSMs for digital signing of payment messages
  • Configure cryptography to match security to risk
  • Dynamically upgrade cryptography of nanopay platform

Find out how to integrate nanopay into your payment solutions today.

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