'A Minute With' Carlos, preventing fraud in a faster payments environment

Carlos: In a faster payments environment running thousands, even millions of payments with a very small margin there is no room for errors. One single fraud may be require thousands of transactions to actually pay off the loss.

Faster payments actually is being seen as less cost. But actually it is not only that, there are some challenges on faster payments that actually goes to the backend systems. Supporting the payment systems, you have several satellite systems and one of those systems is the fraud support system. Therefore [inaudible 00:00:45] actually I say that compose the payment, that actually is the fee, FX, the fraud and friction.

Usually between fraud and friction, you have a conflict. When you decrease friction you increase fraud. The challenge on the faster payment ecosystem is how to make this decrease friction and actually manage or decrease fraud together. So in order to achieve the high TPS in our system, we have to actually implement innovative technologies like machine learning to be sure that actually the fraud, supporting fraud and AML supporting satellite system is not going to be a bottleneck in our transactional process.

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