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MWC, Barcelona in review

Where in the world is nanopay?

As a global company, we attend events around the globe. This past week Arnav Khurana, nanopay’s Director of Sales, was in Barcelona attending the Mobile World Congress (MWC). In this short blog, he shares his insights and learnings from the event.

Q: How did this MWC19 compare to similar conferences you’ve attended?

Arnav: This is one of the biggest events attended by nearly 110,000 people over 4 days. It offers great networking opportunities bringing together Telecom operators, banks, and vendors from around the world in one place. I was able to meet with Senior Directors all the way up to C-level executives. All these factors combined, MWC offered more potential opportunities compared to other smaller conferences.

Q: What were your highlights from the event?

Arnav: On the business side, I had the opportunity to meet with directors of multiple central banks of forward thinking countries. Most notably, was with the Director General of the Central Bank of Haiti. She was eager to learn about our technology, nanorail, its relation to Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and how its adoption can positively impact the people of Haiti. Reducing the cost of printing physical currency and banking the unbanked/underbanked populations were two of the main benefits we covered. We also went into different implementations of CBDC, such as directly from the central bank to the people of Haiti, or through retail banks within the country. Overall, it was a riveting conversation.

On the personal side, it was really fascinating to see technologies presented by various telecom operators. I even got to see… the foldable phone!

Q: Any surprises at the event?

Arnav: I was interested to see that digital ledger and blockchain technologies are still a hot topic. I think time will show that while distributed ledger technologies have their place, payments require a central authority. This is why nanopay is well positioned to capture this market.

Q: What generated the most buzz around nanopay and its products?

Arnav: Our centralized ledger technology is quite unique and was a big selling point. This resonated with banks and businesses alike. Our history and the origins of our technology (purchased from the Royal Canadian Mint), also got a few interesting conversations going!

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