You are currently viewing ‘The people of nanopay’, featuring our Manager of Client Experience, Joanne

‘The people of nanopay’, featuring our Manager of Client Experience, Joanne

Joanne: Client experience has evolved immensely within the last few years and continues to evolve today. Companies must fully embrace a client centric culture to succeed.

Working for the banks, I quickly realized I did not fit into the big bank culture as the client and their experience was never the primary focus. Sales targets were always the most important, so certain areas like client experience and training suffered.

A friend presented me with an opportunity to become a customer success manager at a Fintech startup. Because the company was still growing, it was a perfect time for me to go in and implement the client experience as I envisioned it. Unfortunately, I’ve found this role to be more reactive than proactive, and I was busy answering support inquiries rather than focusing on my true role of developing and implementing a structure for customer success. When the role of manager, client experience came up at nanopay, I knew I was the perfect fit. I had a vision for what the client experience should look like, but I also had experience and knowledge in challenges a Fintech startup would face.

One of the challenges I faced was distinguishing between a proactive and reactive approach in the client experience and communicating that through other teams within the company. I then had to get them on board with a proactive approach. Because this is a new area of business that is quickly evolving, it is logical to run into some challenges, but I am thankful to work for a company like nanopay that enables and empowers me to focus on a passion I have, which is exceptional client experience.

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