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The people of nanopay: Kenny

Kenny: Engineering a product is like building a recipe. You have three critical ingredients and if you leave even one ingredient out, the entire dish is compromised. I actually joined nanopay right out of school and I happen to be one of the longest running engineers here. While I always knew that I wanted to be a programmer, the course of my degree changed when I did an internship in a company called Alphapod in Malaysia. There I worked as an iOS engineer and when I came back to Canada, I actually changed my computer science stream from gaming to mobile computing.

Kenny: Working in a finTech company, the tech at times would actually outweigh the rest of the product. And as an engineer with a passion for user experience, this process is a unique challenge to myself to ensure that the presentation keeps up with the tech, but also we are a finTech. And when dealing with somebody’s money, it must take priority, and we would always need to strike a balance between presentation, compliance and tech. So as an engineer, I have to always keep our clients in mind, and that means making sure that everything I do is technologically sound, looks and feels good, and makes sure that we comply with regulations. If this challenge intrigues you, you’ve come to the right place.

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